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TPC-04-4 - Fantasy Custom Produced Matches - 52:24 Min.

Fantasy Custom Produced Matches
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Fantasy Custom Produced Matches

1) Pam vs Sammy Jo
2) Jill vs Randi vs Masked Wrestler

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2 Custom matches originally produced for a wealthy client...

1. Pam vs Sammy Jo (34:41 mins)

Dusky Pam takes on blonde Sammy Jo in the confines of a bedroom setting, both wear silky underwear and are hot for combat.

Free Download: 1-1 Pam vs Sammy Jo

The action is mainly all styles of pins with both girls eager to get erotic!

Free Download: 1-2 Pam vs Sammy Jo

On the bed at the end they both get hot with Pam eager to arouse Sammy Jo. Sexy action with some great pins.

Free Download: 1-3 Pam vs Sammy Jo

2. Jill vs Randi vs Masked Wrestler (17:43 mins)

Jill Monroe looks stunning in an all white bikini but she has a problem as 2 girls have turned up to fight her. American Randi gets Jill's vote which angers the mysterious Masked Wrestler who is dressed in black.

Free Download: 2-1 Jill vs Randi vs Masked Wrestler

Randi takes a beating from Jill but then the Masked Wrestler intervenes and works the blonde beauty over leaving both Randi and Jill stunned and out for the count.

Free Download: 2-2 Jill vs Randi vs Masked Wrestler


2 Very Different and Interesting matches specially produced for a customer, finally now allowed to be released!




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