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TPC-96-4 - Topless International Wrestling - 60:16 Min.

Topless International Wrestling
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Topless International Wrestling

1) Devon Sanchez vs Rose Devlin
2) Carmen Philips vs Sarah Yasmin

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1. Devon Sanchez vs Rose Devlin

Two highly recommended matches that show competitive and, at times, bad tempered bouts. The first match is in an apartment between two extremely busty wrestlers. Devon from Florida is a 40D, dark haired and lightly tanned. She wears a white bikini bottom that show off her Latin looks. She is up against 36"C Texan Rose... a red-blonde of paler colouring wearing a black bikini bottom. Contrasting beauties.

Free Download: 1-1 Devon Sanchez vs Rose Devlin

This match is intense and both wrestlers seem intent on destroying the other, concentrating on some powerful body and head scissors. Both use hair and breast attack tactics, with the enthusiastic Devon using her greater advantage to smother Rose. Both wrestlers refuse to break holds after gaining submissions on occasions. AS truly superb match.

Free Download: 1-2 Devon Sanchez vs Rose Devlin

2. Carmen Philips vs Sarah Yasmin

New attractive black wrestler Carmen outweighs her more experienced opponent, but soon finds that she needs the extra weight to counter aggressive Yasmin. Fast action with a variety of holds. This is a quality match that could be the star match in any of our videos, but on this occasion must take second place to the main encounter between Devon and Rose.

Free Download: 2-1 Carmen Philips vs Sarah Yasmin





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